Entec AS is consulting the making of the Comprehensive plan for Narva City Industrial Area


Entec AS and Narva Municipality Department for Architecture and City Planning signed a contract as a result of public procurement for consulting the comprehensive plan and carrying out the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) for Narva City Industrial area. In addition to the regular planning work and SEA report writingthe contract also covers ca 650 ha of topogeodetic survey for the area at the scale of 1:2000The topogeodetic survey will be carried out in conjunction with Hades Geodeesia LLC. The deadline for presenting the SEA report for approving and completing the comprehensive plan is ca 2 years. Budgetwise this contract is the biggest in the Estonian comprehensive planning history, beeing about twice the size of the Comprehensive Plan for Paljassaar and Russalka budget which was holding the record so far.