AS Pöyry Entec is consulting the making of the new Comprehensive plan for Narva City


AS Pöyry Entec and Narva Municipality Department of the Architecture and City Planning signed a contract as a result of public procurement for consulting the comprehensive plan and carrying out the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) for new Narva City Comprehensive Plan.

Narva is the third biggest town in Estonia with almost 67 000 inhabitants and the easternmost point of the European Union. It is Estonia's biggest border and transit point towards Russia. The town's economy is currently based on textile industry and power engineering. The largest employers are the two local power stations and Kreenholm Holding. But the town also offers a large range of public and commercial services for Eastern Estonia. Previous comprehensive plan of Narva has been valid from 2001 and is not up to current needs anymore as the development of the town has been fast. Narva Municipality Department of the Architecture and City Planning is expecting more detailed rules of building and planning from the new comprehensive plan, so that those would preserve the quality of living and support the future development of Narva.

The deadline for presenting the comprehensive plan and its SEA report is ca 2 years. There are planned approval proccess and the public display after that, so the co-operation period covers totally about 3 years.

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