Do you know all legal restrictions and rights related to land on your possession? What restrictions and rights you have if you purchase new land?


More and more low-priced land is for sale at the present economically difficult time. Only low price cannot be the purchase criterion for an aware investor. Before buying, acquisition or even applying detailed land use plan initiation for the land in your possession it is rational to know all the land use restrictions in current valid plans and laws. We are ready to find out those for you and based on our study you can take investment decisions easier and more consciously. If needed we can also help you with EDD.

In addition knowing your rights it is wise to clarify to yourself what and how to plan on your property before initiating a detailed land use plan. We provide detail plan preliminary designs preparation service for that purpose. Since the content of every planning turns public after initiation according to Estonian laws it is rational for the land owner or investor to elaborate this prior. It enables to ask instantly initiation of planning for the realistic solution from the municipality. This quickens remarkably detailed land use planning process, lessens the number of objections and enables to finish the planning by the next period of economy upsurge.      

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