AS Entec Eesti has been working with different planning projects since 1992. As the amount of planning projects started to grow we established in 1995 an architecture and planning department, which has enabled us to gain a leading position in the field of comprehensive planning in Estonia. The quality of our detail land use plans is well known as several of them have been argued over in Estonian courts and so far olnly with good results for our clients. That has proven also to us and our clients the importance of right motivations in plans and correctness planning process.

In the field of regional planning we have been consulting Rapla County Government during an international co-operation project called Via Baltica Spatial Development Zone over the years 1999-2001 and Latvian Ministry of Regional Development and Local Governments during 2008 while working out a common vision for the Baltic Sea Region.

From 2000 to 2002 we worked with Comprehensive plan of Lake Võrtsjärv area. This was an interesting plan which involved 7 Local Governments and 3 County Governments in Lake Võrtsjärv area. Besides us the coordinators of the project were: Võrtsjärve Sihtasutus (Lake Võrtsjärv Development Agency), Rannu Municipality and Viljandi County Government.

According the Estonian Planning Act a comprehensive plan is a plan which is prepared for the territory of a rural municipality or city. The objectives of a comprehensive plan are to determine conditions for long-term sustainable development and interrelate them with physical (spatial) and economic development. Comprehensive plan also determines the need of detailed planning and sets the building rules on the territory of local self-government.

We can also help our clients to prepare 3D models of planning area and visualise plans based on those models over the internet.

A detail plan (or detail land use plan) is prepared for the basis of planned building activities and land use in the short term. The objectives of a detailed plan are to divide the areas being planned into plots, determine the building rights, the area that can be occupied by buildings, areas for traffic and vegetation and establish environmental conditions for implementation of the plan etc. As by detail land use plan are given the building rights of plots, it effects directly the value of the land. AS Pöyry Entec (previously named as AS Entec) has been involved in very different kind of detail land use plans. We have made detail land use plans for industrial enterprises, ports, beer brewery, schools, manors, recreation areas (golf courses, SPA-s), racing tracks,  private and appartment housing areas etc. Our strength is that we fullfill and help the local municipality to fullfill the legal requirements of a detail planning process. For that purpose we provide our clients the full planning documentation which protects them in case of possible law suits after the adoption of plan.

If needed we can also help our clients with strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of plans. When the SEA is necessary is defined by the Estonian law of environmental assessment and environmental control system. Based on the law SEA and planning processes have to be simultaneous. We are able tor provide SEA help on all planning levels. 

We also gladly provide consulting in the field of planning and SEA processes both in short or long term basis.

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