Landscape architecture

AS Entec Eesti background as environmental consulting company gives us opportunity to use our landscape architects also in planning projects. We have analysed and rated greenery in detail land use planning projects of the Ülejõe Park area in Central Tartu and in detail land use planning project for the area between Merivälja tee St., Metsavahi tee St. and Metsavahi põigi St. in Tallinn.

We have an experience to make landscape architecture project abroad as well. We have designed Lukoil promenade in town Kogalõm in West-Siberia, which is already under construction.

AS Entec Eesti provides professional landscape design and planning services for a wide range of projects.

Landscape design

Designing town squares and pedestrian sidewalks
Designing space around the public buildings, parks and green areas
Reconstruction projects of parks of an estates
Designing the theme parks
Designing the roof gardens and terraces
Designing playgrounds and playfields for the children
Designing the grave yards
We also make design projects for private gardens and internal greenery projects.

Landscape planning

Planning recreational areas (eco-tourism areas, tourism areas, camps)
Recultivating projects (mining areas, dumps)
Planning artificial lakes, greenery of the banks of the waters and beach areas
Planning green belt structures and protection areas
Planning wetlands and reserves
Planning bicycle roads and health sport paths
Landscape architecture conceptions
Landscape analysis

Analysis of different types of landscapes
Analysis of green areas of public space
Analysis of urban space
Landscape architecture consultations

Making budgets and economic plans of landscape architecture
Landscaping consultation

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Landscape architecture

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