Entec Eesti OÜ (previous business name Entec AS*) was established in 1990 and is working in the field of ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING.

OÜ Entec Eesti serves the authorities, municipalities, financing institutions, industry, real-estate, infrastructure and construction companies. Close co-operation with the client during elaboration of the project is the keyword of our team - it always helps to achieve the desired goals. Over the years we have been involved with numerous local and international projects in Estonia. We have also been providing services outside Estonia’s borders, for example in Latvia, Russia, Romania and Vietnam. 

OÜ Entec Eesti is a member of Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies (EAACEC), Estonian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Estonian Water Works Association.

On 2005 there was founded company called ENTEC SIA, it offers consulting services on Latvian’s market.

From 2006 until management buy out in late 2011 Entec Eesti was part of the Pöyry Plc.

*Note From 28.08.2007 till 28.02.2012 our business name was AS Pöyry Entec.
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